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Halloween: Netflix movies to watch on Halloween

Despite not being celebrated with much festivity in Brazil, Halloween is a very popular date in the United States, as portrayed in films and series. Halloween is celebrated in October, so we've brought you a list of 5 Netflix horror films for you to watch with your friends.

Prepare the popcorn and some pumpkin juice (or not) and enjoy the list of 5 horror films to watch on Netflix on Halloween. Horror, psychological horror and suspense films are what awaits you.

A Classic Horror Story

A group of tourists has an accident on the road when their car crashes into an animal. When they wake up, they realize that the road around them has disappeared and all that surrounds them is an endless forest.


The curse of Chucky

After her mother's suicide, Nica receives a visit from her overbearing sister Barb, who intends to help with the funeral arrangements. Your daughter brings a red-haired doll that curiously arrived in the mail. When a series of murders terrorize the neighborhood, Nica begins to suspect that the toy has something to do with these events, but she doesn't know that Chucky is back to solve personal cases from more than twenty years ago.


Be Careful Who Calls

Group of friends hire a medium to do a Zoom session during quarantine. Things seem fine, until an evil spirit begins to invade their homes and they realize they may not survive the night.



After years of living isolated from the world and being cared for by her strict mother, Chloe begins to suspect that there is something extremely wrong in her life.



After a tragedy occurs in his new home, Daniel hears an ominous cry for help and enlists the help of a famous paranormal expert.


If you like the list, send it to your friends, or watch it together and have a Halloween party, with horror stories and the famous strange foods and sweets, good movie!


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