Joy Sunday of 'Wandinha' reveals that the first time she felt beautiful was in Brazil

Joy Sunday, the actress who played the iconic character Bianca Barclay in the series “Wandinha”, recently gave an interview to Seventeen Americana magazine, where she recalled a trip she took to Brazil before her fame. Excited, Joy said that this trip was a transformative experience in her life.

The actress visited Bahia when she was 13, after having passed a youth enrichment program. She said she didn't have much money at the time and only brought 300 dollars for the trip. Even so, the experience was unique and unforgettable.

Joy Sunday recalled a special moment when three women approached her in a church in Bahia and told her she was beautiful. She said she was incredulous at the compliment, as she had never seen herself that way before. "It was the first time I really stopped to think of myself as a beautiful person," she said.

This trip to Bahia left a lasting mark on Joy's life. She highlighted that the experience of being in an environment so rich in culture and history, in addition to being welcomed in such a warm way, had a profound impact on her self-esteem and personal perception. Bahia, known for its vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture, offered Joy a sense of belonging and a new perspective on beauty and identity.

Before achieving fame with her role in “Wandinha”, Joy Sunday had to overcome several challenges. Her story is an inspiring example of determination and resilience. The account of his trip to Brazil is a reminder of the transformative power of cultural experiences and the importance of feeling valued and accepted.

During the interview, Joy also spoke about the importance of youth enrichment programs like the one she participated in, highlighting how these programs can open doors and provide opportunities for children and teens who might not have access to these experiences otherwise. She encouraged young people to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow that comes their way, as you never know how an experience can change your life.

Joy Sunday's trajectory from her trip to Bahia to her growing career in Hollywood reflects a path of self-discovery and growth. Her role as Bianca Barclay in the series “Wandinha” brought her recognition and opened up new opportunities, but she never forgot the experiences that shaped her.

For Joy's fans and followers of the “Wandinha” series, knowing this part of her personal story adds an extra layer of admiration for the actress. Knowing that she has been on a journey of self-discovery and found inspiration in her travels and life experiences makes her success even more meaningful.

Joy Sunday's story is an example of the impact that kind words and gestures can have on a person's life. The words of women in the church in Bahia praising her beauty resonated deeply with Joy and helped her see herself in a new and positive way. It is a testament to the power of recognizing and valuing others.

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