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Lindsay Lohan in 'A Christmas Carol', new romantic comedy

Lindsay Lohan is back on the big screen, the renowned American actress is in Netflix's new Christmas production, 'A little Christmas‘.

The Christmas romantic comedy marks the return of Lindsay Lohan, who plays a spoiled, newly engaged young heiress who is diagnosed with total amnesia after a skiing accident. She then finds herself in the care of a handsome innkeeper and his daughter.

Lindsay Lohan's new feature film, A Christmas Carol, is available on Netflix and premiered on November 10th.

The return of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is a Hollywood actress who was very successful in her childhood and adolescence, marking several generations with her productions. Among them are: Confessions of a Teenager in Crisis and Mean Girls, one of the great films in which the actress is known for her iconic phrases.

The actress took a long break from acting due to personal problems and after 15 years is back on the big screen with the movie 'A Christmas Carol'. Even after so many years without acting, Lindsay Lohan says it's like 'riding a bike'.

Synopsis A Little Christmas

In the days leading up to Christmas, a spoiled, newly engaged young heiress suffers a skiing accident. After being diagnosed with total amnesia, she finds herself under the care of the handsome innkeeper and his daughter.

A Christmas Carol Trailer

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