3 Ways to Earn Lots of Free Diamonds in Free Fire!

Find out three great options to get lots of diamonds for free in Free Fire. First of all, make a PayPal balance, with the app Dreame.

Then take advantage of the redemption of the code in the Rewards, FF, and, finally, to keep the game on the official websites of the Garena in order to maximize your rewards!

In times of crisis, or find ways to earn diamonds for free in Free Fire " is an essential, isn't it? So, to get to know now-excellent ways to gain lots of Diamonds without the risk of compromising your account. Check out this generator to codiguin.

One of the most well-known in recent years for the applications that you offer a reward in coins of the application, to carry out certain activities. These coins, when you reach a certain amount, can be converted into real money and transferred to a bank account, or converted to, in the balance, the PayPal, western union or at the google Play Store.

Among the applications that are most recognised and we have a Kawai, for example. However, today we are going to discuss about a new feature: the Dreame!

Over-The App Dreame

Surely, by now, you should have the knowledge of at least one application, which promises to offer a balance to meet certain requirements, such as responding to surveys, download games, sign-in on the business, among many others. However, the Dreame, even if you follow the same logic, is distinguished by its completely new approach.

Earn coins on Dreame, everything that you need to do is read on! That's right, you read the books! For those who love to read, the app is fine. On the other hand, it is also a great way for any person and, as the reading is fundamental, and it makes a significant contribution to the quality of life.

Find out the Ways to Achieve Balance in Dreame!

1. The first step, without a shadow of a doubt, is to download the program. For your convenience, I will provide a link to the download is here:

2 – After installing the app, the first time you sign in you will be asked to provide certain permissions in order. To accept these permissions as they are essential for the proper functioning of the application. A brief survey on the profile and preferences of the reading will also be given to you; feel free to respond, or to skip this part, because it can be completed on a later date.

3 – Now, and start with step key. In the panel that is located on the bottom of the screen, then select the option of last resort “to me.” To do this, you will find that you are logged in as a guest. Then, click on the image of the Unicorn to sign in to your account. You can create a new account using a social network, or on your e-mail address.

4 – In the “Me”, when you sign in to your account, you will see the different tabs, choose “Earn Rewards”. Then, choose the tab “Tasks”. When you complete these tasks, you will earn points, which are updated on a daily basis. Duties will include action, such as saving a book, and read on for a certain period of time, among other things.

5 – of Course, we can not fail to mention the option to instruct the application to a friend. After all, this is most often the one that scores the most times. When you go to “Earn Rewards” (as shown in the image above), you will find an option relating to invite a friend, titled “the Carnival of the Christmas season.”

6. The application also has a wheel in the lucky Draw for the Chance”, which is located to the far right of the Taskbar. From there, you can rotate the wheel with your coins, and if you are lucky enough to win a number of them. However, there is also the risk of not having much luck, so you have to be careful.

Other Applications In Order To Be Able To Balance

The approach is unique in the app Dreame was not to his liking, it was difficult to adjust, or you simply do not have a lot of interest in the reading, among other reasons, don't worry about it." Check out this article in which we will present a list of the applications are diverse. They are also efficient in order to gain balance on the Play Store or the PayPal, allowing you to buy Diamonds in Free Fire:

Restoring Balance

To redeem your account balance, it is vital to have a PayPal account. If you don't already have one, create an account. When you complete a task, or to invite your friends enough for you to reach to recharge a minimum of $ 5, so you'll be able to withdraw funds.

To make the throw-in, navigate to the “Benefits”. In this section, you will be able to convert your points to cash. To choose the amount you wish to serve, add the details to your PayPal account. After you confirm, then wait for the value to be credited to your account. It is important to emphasize that this transaction may take up to 15 working days. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out looting a regular basis to keep a reserve on your PayPal account. This operation can be performed once every 6 hours.

In this manner, you can either use your PayPal balance is obtained by means of the application Dreame to buy Diamonds in Free Fire. However, if you are in search of other method...

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