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Grand theft auto San Andreas is an amazing game that is developed by the rock star, who has achieved world-wide fame through the game's PlayStation 2. Even if you've never played it, it is likely that you will already have heard about it, because it's been years since it was first launched.

Without a doubt, grand theft auto San Andreas is a great game and a lot of fun that has captivated tens of thousands of players from around the world. And, best of all is that you can get this game on your cell phone, and re-live all the moments to complete the missions in order to advance in the story, or to cause a little mayhem in the city and experience the five-star in the police force.

GTA SA as he is fondly called by fans, and you can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone. And don't worry, the game is now available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, which will ensure the security of which there is any malicious software that could compromise the integrity of your smartphone. In addition to this, in this article, we bring you a bonus, so you will have even more fun while playing the game, grand theft auto San Andreas on your mobile device. Check it out below!

Download GTA San Andreas on your Mobile phone!

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As previously mentioned, the game is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices. There's a lot of secrets, or the difficulty of it; you just have to access the app store on your smartphone and search for the name of the game, such as “grand theft auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Game is for the game developer, so this is the original version of the game.

However, an important fact is that, on iOS devices, the game is not yet available in your store, in brazil. This doesn't stop the download if you have an iOS device, simply go to the settings of the App from the Store, switch the region to the United States, and to download the app on the app store. Below is the link to download the software, please click on the button below!

Android     iOS

In the case of iOS devices, the game has a free trial version, but there are some limitations. However, if you wish to enjoy the full experience of grand theft auto San Andreas, you can get the full version for$16,25. As for the devices, on Android, the game is available for$19.99.

To purchase the game, you can use your credit card or bank account balance on your account from your Google Play or the App Store.

It is important to note the available storage space on your device, since it requires 2.5 GB of space. Therefore, please make sure that your device has enough space before you start the download.

Why download grand theft auto: San Andreas on mobile it is a good idea.

The San Andreas to the mobile device that is highly faithful to the original game for the PlayStation 2, allowing you to relive all the memories from the time in which it was played on the console. For those who don't know, it is an action and adventure game in an open world, which is highly entertaining and addicting.

Although it is a paid game and it takes up a considerable amount of space in the store, it is a wonderful experience that marked the rest of adolescence, and even adulthood for many people. Rockstar did an amazing job with this game, while maintaining a quality and awesome graphics for the mobile version.

If you're thinking about play GTA on console or PC, you'll also have the option to buy it in the store on the console or in the Steam store for pc games. However, it is important to note that these versions tend to be priced a little bit higher than what is being charged to their mobile devices.

Added bonus: The fun in grand theft auto San Andreas is second to none!

If you are still afraid, and do you think that's a mobile version of the game, it is different from that of the original console, you can rest assured that the similarity is close to the original. And if you are a fan or are just curious as to download the game, you must know that it is possible to cause a little mayhem in the city and to reach the most famous six “stars”. At that time, a lot of people using the codes “or " cheats” to get in-game bonus items, and this is no different for the mobile version!

Codes for GTA San Andreas that are well-known, people have tended to take the lists are written in the hand of the Lan, resulting in always a bit of a mess. They have been used not only to facilitate the difficulty of the game, but it's also for those who would prefer to explore the story without problems. As an added bonus, we have brought some of these codes and cheats to help make your experience more enjoyable, and if you want to achieve, and the six “stars”. Check out a few of them:

  • LXGIWYLWeapons Tier 1
  • KJKSZPJWeapons Tier 2
  • UZUMYMWWeapons Level 3
  • WANRLTW: Unlimited ammo
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT: a stunt plane surfaces.
  • GONPXWR: invulnerable from damage.
  • GKPNMQcars : now, go out on the water.
  • AMOMHRER: a Tank that comes up.
  • ROCKETMANby : a rocket backpack comes back from the CJ.
  • LXGIWYLbundle-of-arms, with a baseball bat, pistol, 9mm, AK-47's and rocket launchers.
  • FULLCLIP: with infinite ammo.
  • SPEEDFREAK:::: all cars have nitro.
  • KVGYZQK: CJ has maximized weight and muscle.
  • RIPAZHA: cars can now fly.

Well, here are all the codes that we offer, but if you want to have fun with, it also set a the application below. This is the application that contains the codes of all the GTA''s release. Download the app enables you to expand your enjoyment:

Android   iOS

Download GTA San Andreas On Your Cell Phone!

GTA San Andreas - Play The Web

Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 in 2005 for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows. This is a game of action-adventure, open world, set in the fictitious state of San Andreas. The story revolves around Carl Johnson, known as “HMM”, as he faces the war of the end of confrontations with the police, and family issues.

Grand theft auto San Andreas is the fifth main title in the series Grand Theft Auto and is, without a doubt, the most memorable. The previous title did not achieve the same success as that of San Andreas, which became the best-selling game of 2004, and with an incredible 27.5 million copies, and remains to this day the title of the best-selling game for the PlayStation 2.

For the franchise, grand theft auto was started in 1997, it was released for the PlayStation, Windows, and Game Boy or Game Boy Color. While the first two games have not been a prominent one, and the game has undergone a number of improvements from time to time. Their stories are engaging, and the freedom to explore the game's open world, it has won the hearts of gamers and became one of the franchise's best-loved in the gaming industry.

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