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Dahmer: The American Cannibal: synopsis, cast and release date

He is about to make his debut at Netflix the new miniseries created by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story): Dahmer: The American Cannibal, which will feature Evan Peters e Niecy Nash in the cast.

The miniseries tells the story of a man named Jeffrey Dahmer, who managed to kill 17 young people without arousing the suspicion of the police. It falls into various genres, such as: police series, drama series about social issues, drama series, horror series, US series.

Date, cast and synopsis - Dahmer: The American Cannibal

Netflix's original miniseries, Dahmer: The American Cannibal, has a premiere date set and arrives on the streaming platform next Wednesday (September 21).

Its main cast includes Evan Peters, Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins, as well as Molly Ringwald and Michael Learned, who should provide moments of terror, suspense and drama.

Synopsis: Dahmer: The American Cannibal

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy's new miniseries, follows the trajectory of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters). The production explores the killer's youth through to his adult life and brings a complex portrait of the mind behind the monster who took the lives of 17 men and boys. Born in Milwaukee, Dahmer terrorized the state of Wisconsin in the 1980s. In addition to his brutal murders, Jeffrey also committed sexual violence and torture against his victims. His heinous crimes made him one of the most notorious and feared serial killers in the United States.

Trailer: Dahmer: An American Cannibal


Dahmer: An American Cannibal


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