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'Only if it's for Love': cast, synopsis and trailer for Netflix's Brazilian series

Only if it's for love" is the new original series from Netflix Brazil. With a cast of established stars and new talents, the series tells the story of Deusa, who puts her romance with Tadeu to the test when she decides to pursue her solo career.

The musical series covers various genres, including Brazilian music, romantic dramas and dramas, and promises to thrill viewers. The world premiere will be next Wednesday, September 21.

The cast includes actors and actresses such as Lucy Alves, Filipe Bragança, Agnes Nunes, Micael, Giordano Castro, Adriano Ferreira, Luiza Fittipaldi, Bruno Fagundes, Clarissa Müller, Gustavo Vaz, Ana Mametto, Laila Garin and Jeniffer Nascimento.

Synopsis: 'Only if it's for Love'

"Only if it's for love" is a series set in Goiás that tells the story of Deusa (Lucy Alves) and Tadeu (Filipe Bragança), a couple in love who decide to start a band.

After persisting in the music industry, the band Só Se For Love finally hits the big time. However, Deusa receives an irrefutable offer to pursue a solo career, made by their manager César (Gustavo Vaz).

The relationship between Deusa, Tadeu and the rest of the group is shaken and the couple decide to go their separate ways. Without Deusa on vocals, Só Se For Love sets off in search of a new lead singer, when they meet the mysterious Eva (Agnes Nunes).

However, this journey to restart the band without Deusa will be more difficult than they imagined. While she continues her apparently successful solo career, they will have to face the difficulties and injustices of the music industry in order to gain a foothold in the sertanejo genre.

Trailer: Only if it's for Love (2022)

Official Trailer by Netflix

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