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Story of Jesse Koz and his dog Shurastey will become a movie, says website

A true story will become a movie, according to the portal Omelette, the life of the influencer Jesse Koz and the dog Shurastey will become a loga produced by Paris Filmes.

Jesse Koz and his dog Shurastey conquered the world with their adventures in a 1978 VW Beetle. They covered more than 85,000 kilometers and visited 17 countries until a tragic accident in Oregon, United States, interrupted their incredible journey.

Jesse and Shurastey's goal was to reach Alaska, but on May 23, a tragic accident involving their VW Beetle ended up killing the influencer and his inseparable companion, who together already had more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

The story has taken the world by storm and, as the portal informs us, Paris Filmes is going to turn this beautiful story into a feature film, which has yet to be released.



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